Anthem launch new MRX series of AV recievers

Anthem have launched three new MRX receivers all featuring the new room correction.

The MRX 310 offers 5 channels at 80 watts. The MRX 510 comes with a 7 channel amplifier and has 100 watts per channel. The MRX 710 is the top end amp and offers 120 watts per channel.

  • Anthem MRX 710 Anthem MRX 710

The next generation of MRX A/V receivers have been completely redesigned, ensuring they continue to offer the best value in the receiver market.

Current prices are:
MRX 310 £1,119
MRX 510 £1,699
MRX 710 £2,199

• Features ARC 1M, an updated version of
Anthem Room Correction (ARC) designed
specifically for the new MRX.
• ARC 1M improvements include ethernet
connection, a higher level of DSP and the
ability to print before and after graphs.
• 7 rear HDMI inputs on all models plus an
additional front panel input on the MRX 710
and MRX 510.
• Dual HDMI outputs.
• 4K upscaling and pass-through.
• HDMI Audio Return Channel.
• Faster HDMI switching.
• Up to 20 input configurations.
• IP and RS-232 control drivers for full
integration with automation.
• Remote control apps for iOS (Apple)
and Android.
• Optical, coaxial and analogue inputs send
2-channel music to Zone 2.
• The front Left/Right speakers can be
bi-amped on the MRX 710 and
MRX 510.
• Available in black finish.