Artcoustic Impact Series Subwoofers – Now Shipping

The NEW ‘Impact Series’ Subwoofers are now shipping, these replace the Panel Sub Micro, Panel Sub Duo and Linax Subwoofers, and offering huge performance improvements.

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Impact 3 Subwoofer – Shipping now at £3,100 inc Vat, and including the PA750 power amplifier

The flagship Impact 3 subwoofer uses three 10” long-throw woofers, combined with our phase optimisation and controlled frequency overlap technology. The result is a subwoofer that can reproduce low frequency signals accurately and effortlessly, with high power handling and extremely low distortion, right down to 15Hz.

Impact 2 Subwoofer – Shipping now at £2,400 inc Vat, including the PA750 power amplifier.

Impact 2 Subwoofer

The Impact 2 uses the same technology as the Impact 3, but with 2 x 10″ bass units instead of 3. This enables it to play as deep, but not quite as loud as the Impact 3.

Operating Range 15 Hz to 250 Hz

Sensitivity 102 dB

Max. SPL 122 dB

Weight 30 kg

Dimensions H: 483 W: 320 D: 600 mm

Technical Manual

Impact 1 Subwoofer – Shipping now at £1,250 inc Vat, and the PA250 power amplifier.

Impact 1 Subwoofer

The Impact 1 feature one high quality 10” bass unit, within a highly tuned, yet elegant, cabinet.

The Impact 1 can be mounted on the wall with a hidden bracket, giving the impression it is floating off the wall. Unlike the Panel Sub Micro, the Impact 1 can also be positioned on the floor using spikes, either upright or flat, giving more flexibility in installation.

Operating Range 25 Hz to 250 Hz
Sensitivity 95 dB

Max. SPL 114 dB

Weight 15 kg

Dimensions H: 450 W: 450 D: 186 mm