Cinema Rooms now offer XpanD X104 universal 3D Glasses

Cinema Rooms now offer XpanD X104 universal 3D Glasses – Now available with the RF Dongle meaning that they can work with RF systems and IR systems alike… (please note this system will not work with optoma or LG).

These glasses are compatible with JVC’s NEW DLA-X35,X55,X75 and X95 projectors.

DLA-X35, X55, X75 and X95 Projectors

PRICE £80 plus shipping

3D Glasses

XpanD X104 universal 3D Glasses sizes.

XPAND universal 3D Electronic Eyewear is truly universal.

It takes your 3D Experience across platforms and across brands, giving you freedom and openess as a standard in 3D entertainment.

XPAND Youniversal 3D Electronic Eyewear is all about you: it adapts to your 3D Entertainment needs and you can customize it so it matches the way YOU SEE 3D.

UNIVERSAL series 3D electronic eyewear that optimizes the 3D experience by modifying the 3D parameters specifically for each user and for different 3D environments. The high-end electronic eyewear offers unprecedented personal optimization, full HD 3D performance, advanced interoperability between all 3D devices and market-leading comfort and style.

Technical Specifications

3D Technology Active Shutter Glasses

Lens Type LCD

Primary Sync Method IR

Expandable Sync Method RF

Primary Battery Type Rechargable

Secondary Battery Type Rechargable Extention Battery (as accessory)

Extentions (available as accessories) RF Extention Battery

Supports Most of the acitve 3D TV sets and 3D projectors on market, XPAND Cinema, 3D laptops, Gaming Consoles