What is 4K – ‘Ultra High Definition’?

4K is the ‘next big thing’ also known as ‘Ultra High Definition’.

Companies like Sony,Samsung,Panasonic  and JVC  have already made professional products that can show 4K Ultra High Definition and with the recent Sony 4k TV’s and projectors you will soon see them in the home market.

As technological progresses this enables manufacturers to offer screens that get lighter,thinner and better year by year, at affordable costs, the trend is obviously to have the slimest screen possible at home, and to hang it on the wall, or to replace it with a state-of-the-art projector. In terms of image resolution, HD will become insufficient on large screens, and this is where Ultra High Definition (UHD) will come into its own.

With JVC e-shift 4k technology projectors and Sony’s VPL-VW1000ES projector you need a 4k screen such as Screen Excellence 4k fabric screen.

Sony’s new 4K TV screens like the 84in, 65in and 55in X9000A offers four times the resolution of standard HD offering up to 8 million pixels.

The new Sony Play Station 4 may even be 4k compatible. 4K gaming anyone?

All we need now is source material to play 4K on. A standard 4k disc can not be played on a Blu-ray machine so a new device will be needed to play 4K Ultra High Definition on. Red -Ray?

Eutelsat will be one company that will be transmitting 4K Ultra High Definition very soon.

More information on 4K Ultra High Definition can be found here

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