Artcoustic speakers launch new Spitfire SL range, C1 SL, 65-50 SL and 75-55 SL.

High-End Danish loudspeaker company Artcoustic have launched a brand new range called SL.

The initial models will be the Spitfire SL range, C1 SL, 65-50 SL and 75-55 SL.

This is a complete redesign of an iconic speaker range, and has been over 2 years in development.

The speakers are just 67mm deep and the SL range is perfectly formed for contemporary flat screen displays.

As with all other models from Artcoustic the signature options enable the speakers to look stunning in any environment.

Sound quality is raised ever further with the SL range being the finest they have ever produced. They are more dynamic, more open, more accurate and more powerful than any of the previous models.

Added with the improved aesthetics and a lower price point, and Artcoustics have a new range to be truly proud of.


  • 4 versions ranging from £700 each to £2400 each Retail Inc Vat
  • Just 67mm deep
  • Incredible efficiency – up to 101db!!
  • Incredible SPL – up to 124db!!
  • Unique Artcoustic designed Symmetrically Controlled Beamwidth Array
  • Very light, from just 5.5kg
  • Simple installation, no bracket required.
  • Compact dimensions, from 350mm x 500mm
  • Shipping Now

Demonstrations available from December 2011

The models are:

Spitfire SL4-2

Spitfire SL6-3

Spitfire SL8-4

Spitfire SL16-8