JVC Launch DLA-X35, X55, X75 and X95 Projectors

JVC are set to launch FOUR new projectors for their new 2013 line up later this year.

The newest addition is the DLA-X55 which has the new e-shift2 technology and retails for £5,000. Offering 4k for this price point will ensure this projector is the one to have this time around.

DLA-X95R, DLA-X75R,DLA-X55 and DLA-X35

The excellent X30 has been replaced with the DLA-X35 offering 50,000:1 and at a cheaper price point of £2899.

New glasses are included with the new projectors and offer a new design with bigger lenses to cover the eyes for a better 3D experience. The glasses now work on RF instead of IR with the emitter plugging into the back of the machine to give you a cleaner look.

JVC X55 e-shift2

The DLA-75 is THX and ISF Certified with a better contrast ratio at 90,000:1. Full calibration which is available from Cinema Rooms allows the projector to be set up in the environment it is in to the best possible quality the projector is cable of creating. The X75 will retail at £6,999.

As usual the DLA-X95R use the best parts from the X75 which are all hand picked and assembled into the X95. This allows the contrast ratio to reach 130,000:1 native with 1,200 lumens brightness.

The X95 is also THX and ISF certified and retails for £9,999.

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